A Drink for Grownups (大人の飲み物, Otona no Nomimono, lit. Adult Beverages) is an event from Tomba!.


Repair the broken pumps found in Baccus Lake.


Note: The event Where's the Baby Mouse? must have been cleared before this event can be activated.

Walk up to the bulletin board in the Town Hall and examine it to activate the event. Get out of the area and talk to the mouse who is blocking the road in the west side of the village.

Tomba must be guided by the mouse through the Haunted Mansion to Baccus Lake, where a pump has been broken. When Tomba is about to walk the wrong way, the mouse will stop him.

When they reach the Baccus Lake, the event Road to Baccus Lake is cleared. Now Tomba must find a pipe by going to the path to the north. Go back and walk to the pump at the east part of the area. Once there, face west and examine it with the Square Button to turn the switch on and face north and examine the pump to use the pipe. The pump will now work.

Go all the way back to the Town Hall in Baccus Village and talk to the mouse in the building to clear the event.

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