I'm digging a tunnel. I don't mean to brag, but no one can dig as well as I do.

—The digger in Phoenix Mountain

111-e A Famous Digger (いよっ! 穴ほり名人!, Iyo-! Anahori Meijin!, lit. Iyo-! Hole-Digging Master!) is an event in Tomba!.


Visit the digger in Phoenix Mountain and come back later when he is done.


In the beginning of the second area of Phoenix Mountain is a man digging a tunnel. Talk to him to activate the event. Now the Stormy Evil Pig must be defeated in order to clear this event.

After he has been defeated, head back to the digger and talk to him. He will go and start digging at another spot, allowing Tomba to enter the tunnel and collect a cheese. The event is cleared.