Leave me alone! I haven't eaten all day and your pink hair is giving me a headache.


60 A Hungry Monkey (サンタの好きなもの…, Santa no Suki na Mono…, lit. Santa's Favorite Thing…) is an event in Tomba!. This event introduces a new character, Charles, which is going to appear multiple times in the game.


Find some bananas for the hungry monkey in Village of All Beginnings.


When you gain control of Tomba one of the first things you'll notice is the monkey on the right side of the screen. When you approach the monkey, it will jump up in the tree. If you follow it by grabbing and swinging a hidden branch in the middle of the tree. When you have gained some speed, press up at the controller and then the jump button, Tomba will reach the top of the tree. Talk to the monkey to activate the event.

The monkey rejects Tomba and tells that he is hungry. Now you have to clear the primary event Clear the Fog, because you will need access to Forest of All Beginnings in order to clear the event. When you have cleared the event, you have to go to the Ol' Pond, which can be found by going through one of the small buildings on the right side of the area. It is recommended to take on the event Take Me Home at the same time, as you have to go to the Ol' Pond in that event too.

Once there, walk up to the turtle and watch the cutscene. The fisherman will give you bananas at the same time as you activate the event I Can't Swim..., which will be cleared much later in the game. Now that you have the bananas, go back to the monkey and give him the bananas.

He will apologize and introduce himself as Charles. In return for giving him the bananas, he will teach Tomba the ability Animal Dash. The event is cleared.

It should be noted that it is possible to obtain Animal Dash from a chest in the Mansion, in which case this event can no longer be triggered.


  • Charles leaping up in tree when Tomba approaches.
  • A turtle shell floating in the Ol' Pond.
  • The unknown man giving Tomba bananas.