A Rare Collection (珍しいコレクション, Mezurashii Korekushon) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Collect all of the rare water creatures and bring them to the collector in Ranch Summit.


On the way to the Kujara Washing Shed, an ice block can be found blocking an entrance into the ground. Use any hammer to break the ice block that is blocking the way down to the collector in Ranch Summit. Go down and talk to him to activate the event.

There are four creatures that must be found:

  • Rare Fish: Hanging in a fishing line in the left part of the background of Town of the Fishermen. Use the one of the seesaws to enter the background and the leap onto the fish to collect it.
  • Rare Shrimp: Hit the switch with the Hammer in order to make the creature jump up from the water in the Laughing Crying Forest. Quickly leap onto it before it disappears into the water again.
  • Rare Squid: Use the Fire Hammer to melt the water plant and then use the Grapple to free the next creature in Ranch Area.
  • Rare Crab: Found on the way up to the Minitta Machine in the Water Temple.

Once you have returned the five water creatures to the collector, he gives Tomba access to the Taboo State, as well as activating the next event. The event is cleared.