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Press the [Square] button and the Directional button together to run. It's called the Animal Dash.


Animal Dash (ケモノダッシュ, Kemono Dasshu, lit. Beast Dash) is an ability which allows Tomba to run faster and jump higher when holding down the Square button during movement. The height and length of a jump is increased when the Animal Dash is used. Areas like the Lava Caves can be crossed much more easier if Animal Dash is used with the Funky Parasol and the Jewel of Wind equipped.

It is first introduced in the first game as an reward for clearing the event A Hungry Monkey, where Charles wants some bananas. It can also be acquired from the Mansion if Tomba has not yet learned it by the timne he first visits. When used, white sparkles will appear from Tomba when he dashes. In the second game, Tomba already have the ability from the beginning.

During Taboo mode, which is entered by eating the mushroom created by throwing one of the flower enemies from Mushroom forest at another while one of them has had Blue Powder used on it, Tomba will always move faster, as if the Animal Dash is used all the time. It is not always recommended to use it in the first game when trying to land on smaller platforms, as the fall speed also increases during Animal Dash.

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