Annoying Mushroom (ジャマな大キノコ, Jama na Dai Kinoko, lit. Bothersome Large Mushroom) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Remove the mushroom blocking the entrance to the second mini game in the Mouse Village.


This event will be activated after completing the previous event. The mouse tells Tomba that there is a mushroom blocking the door to the second course and needs something to remove it with.

Go to the Waterfall of the Heavens and find two Water Plants guarding a small object between them. In order to get the item, you must burst them with the Grapple.

When you have collected the item, which turns out to be a Spoon, go back to the Tiny Mouse's House and talk to the same mouse from earlier in order to give it to him. The event is cleared.