Ark is a fisherman from Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. He lives in the House on the Point in Town of the Fishermen. He can give Tomba some instructions about drying fish. He is voiced by Peter Kepler.

In the Wind it Up! event, Tomba must find a Star-Shaped Cog for Ark, so he can raise a bridge leading to the other side of the town called Waterfall of Heavens.


He is found inside the House on the Point in Town of the Fishermen. He must raise the net bridge so Tomba and Zippo can continue their journey.

In order to clear the Let's Make Dried Fish event, Tomba must talk to Ark in order to hang fish on the fish drying net.





  • Tomba giving the Star-Shaped Cog to Ark.

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