Baccus Lake (バッカス湖, Bakkasu Ko, lit. Bacchus Lake) is a small area found next to the Haunted Mansion. Tomba visits this area during the A Drink for Grownups event. Due to the lack of treasure chests and events, it isn't necessary to visit it anymore when the event is cleared.



Baccus Lake is a peaceful lake surrounded by trees. The Baccus Village is pumping water from Baccus Lake for producing their famous wine. This area is not affected by the Earth Evil Pig's spell.


During Tomba's first visit in Baccus Village, he will be asked to fix the water pump in Baccus Village. Since the Haunted Mansion must be crossed in order to reach the lake, one of the residents follows Tomba to make sure he doesn't go the wrong way.

Once the two reaches the lake, Tomba must find the missing pipe and then place it in the pump before starting it. After that, Tomba and the Baccus Village resident return to the village.

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