The Evil Pigs cast a spell on our village and turned everyone into mice. Well, we keep big hats on so that we will not scare others...

—Resident of the Baccus Village

Baccus Village (バッカス村, Bakkasu Mura, lit. Bacchus Village) is a location in Tomba!. The Earth Evil Pig's curse has turned the whole population into mice. The village is known for its wine. Its name is a corruption of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine and revelry.


Baccus Village is in the shape of a large wooden circle, with the Red Fortuneteller's house to the north, a bar and the Haunted Mansion to the west, the Cheese collector's house to the east, and the exit to Phoenix Mountain in the south. The middle, the only section with any foliage, is the entrance to the City Hall, a small house sitting on a stone wall and overlooking a small well. The bulletin board, a source of most of the events in Baccus Village, is located next to the house.

Before the curse has lifted

Due to the curse, the entire population have been turned into mice, with the exception of the Red Fortune Teller found inside the house with the red roof.

After the curse has lifted

Everybody has returned to their human form. The Cheese collector still collects Cheese and the event Death Fruit Juice is now available at the bar if other prior events have been completed.





  • Cursed resident
  • Baccus Village Purified

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