But if you had some Tiny Pigs around, they might be of use in a circus act.

—Ice Candy seller

Ball to the Pigs (ブタにブタ玉, Buta ni Buta Tama, lit. Pig Ball to the Pigs) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event introduces a new weapon that can only shrink pigs in this event, after which it deliveres a one-hit KO. While effective in combat against pigs, it's ineffective against other enemies.


Collect five Tiny Pigs for the Ice Candy seller in the Circus Village.


This event is activated after the previous event has been cleared. Tomba will obtain the Pig Ball from the Ice Candy Seller, which he must use to turn pigs into Tiny Pigs. Note that only one of each Tiny Pig can be collected.

The following types of pigs can be turned into Tiny Pigs:

After all the five Tiny Pigs has been collected, head back to the Ice Candy seller and give them to him. The event is cleared.