Wow! This stone image almost looks alive! There's a message carved into the stone. "I disobeyed the Evil Pig... Baron??... I rest here, turned to stone..."
The Evil Pig turned him to stone! Can't we do something to turn him back?


Baron Turned to Stone (石になったバロン, Seki ni Natta Baron, lit. Baron has Become Stone) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event is the only event to involve Baron. After it has been cleared, Tomba can use Baron to fly to any previous visited locations.


Turn the petrified Baron back to normal.


Note: The Holy Pedestal event must be cleared in order to get access to the holy water in the Water Temple.

Activate the event by examining the stone statue in the beginning of the Laughing Crying Forest. In order to bring Baron back to normal, Tomba needs to use a bucket of holy water from the Water Temple to remove the curse on him.

After a bucket of holy water has been obtained, head back to Baron and use the bucket of holy water on him to release him. Now Tomba can use Baron to visit places he have visited earlier in the game. The event is now cleared.