Berry Nuts Harvest (ベリーナッツの大収穫, Berīnattsu no Daishuukaku, lit. Great Berry Nut Harvest) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. The events Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts and Annoying Mushroom must be completed in order to clear this event.


Same objective as Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts, but this time it is 200 Berry Nuts that must be collected under one minute.


The event will be activated when you complete the event Annoying Mushroom. The goal is to collect 200 Berry Nuts under 60 seconds. When the timer reaches zero, the mini game is over.

The best strategy is to keep yourself to the straight lines of Berry Nuts, as they contain Special Nuts, which gives you a temporary speed boost. Collecting the Berry Nuts in the circle shapes isn't the best alternative, since the steering mechanic is awkward. The Berry Nuts placed like filled squares are also recommended to aim for. Remember to keep an eye on the timer from time to time.

Once the required number of nuts is gained when the timer runs out, the event is cleared.