122 Biting Plant Flower (かみつき草の花, Kamitsukisou no Hana) is an event in Tomba!. This event is activated by collecting a Biting Plant Flower from a Biting Plant, but it can be done in two different ways.


Obtain a Biting Plant Flower and find a way to use it.


In order to activate the event, Tomba must obtain a Biting Plant Flower, there is two ways of obtaining a flower, making it possible to get two Biting Plant Flowers:

The Let's Make Candy! event must be activated as the Biting Plant Flower will be used as an ingredient.

If you have two Biting Plant Flowers, you can put the second flower into the cauldron at the same time, so the second flower won't be lying in the inventory forever. Just make sure the flower isn't the last ingredient, as the event will end as soon as the final ingredient has been added to the cauldron and then you won't be able to get rid of the second flower. After the Biting Plant Flower has been used on the cauldron, the event is cleared.


  • Tomba hitting the blue fruit with his Blackjack.
  • The Biting Plant eats the blue fruit.
  • The Biting Plant turns into a flower.