Bring the Big Sack! (大きな袋を届けよう!, Ooki na Bukuro o Todokeyou!, lit. Deliver the Big Bag!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. In this event, Santa Claus is making a cameo, where he has lost his sack. The Fire Hammer is obtained after clearing this event.


Find and bring back Santa's sack which was lost in Ranch Area.


First, enter the chimney on the far right of the second floor in Ranch Area and talk to the man in red, who turns out to be none other than Santa Claus. He tells Tomba and Zippo about the missing sack, and Zippo offers themselves to go and look for it. The event is activated.

Now exit the room by climbing the ladder leading through the chimney on the right. Start heading up the closest ladder you see and jump over the gap to reach the other side. Now you will stumble upon an intersection, which you want to turn towards the screen. Attack the pile of snow to reveal a sack, jump on it and it will get attached to Tomba's back. Simply make your way over to the chimney, jump down and talk to Santa again to clear the event.


  • Santa Claus is using the Fire Hammer to melt the ice on his vehicle.
  • Santa Claus is taking off on his flying vehicle.