Attacking Capper

Tomba attacking a Capper.

Cappers are enemies found in the Pipe Area, only in the second game. There is two kinds of Cappers found in the game.

The different types of Cappers

  • The second can move around the pipes and can only be defeated by hitting it with the Ice Boomerang and then leaping on it. They can be hit with the Ice Boomerang when they are shrunken, but mostly Tomba must get its attention so it grows and starts charging at him to hit it. When Tomba has jumped on the frozen Capper, he can maneuverer the Capper and ride it around. Unlike the other type, these can hurt Tomba even when frozen.


  • The name "Capper" presumably has its origin from the word bottle cap, as they are capped on top of the pipe muzzles.

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