Capture Evil Flame Pig! (封印! 「炎」の魔ブタ!!, Fuuin! "Honoo" no Ma Buta!!, lit. Seal! "Flame" Evil Pig!!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Use the Red Evil Pig Bag Tomba received from Gran to locate and capture the Evil Flame Pig.


Note: The Capture Evil Ghost Pig! event must have been cleared before this event can be cleared due to the water being to dangerous to swim in when the area is cursed.

The event is activated after the previous event has been cleared.

In order to clear the event, the Evil Flame Pig must be defeated. Go to the Laughing Crying Forest and put on the Swimming Pig Suit to go into a secret passage under the switch mechanism. The Evil Pig who has cursed the area must be defeated before going into the water.

For the first two rounds of the fight, the evil pig will use his staff to launch fire balls from a volcano located in the center of the arena. During the final round, he will switch to breathing flames on you.


  • An empty trolley arriving without Tabby inside.
  • The Last Evil Pig takes back the Last Pig Bag.
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