...Ho... You don't cower in my presence... ...Keck keh keh... Now I see...You're full of hope! ...What a joke!! Did you know I eat people with hope for breakfast?

—Evil Ghost Pig

Capture Evil Ghost Pig! (封印! 「ゴースト」の魔ブタ!!, Fuuin! "Gōsuto" no Ma Buta!!, lit. Seal! "Ghost" Evil Pig!!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Use the Evil Pig Bag to find and defeat the Evil Ghost Pig who has cursed Donglin Forest and Laughing Crying Forest.


The event is activated once Tomba obtains the Ghost Pig Bag after the Use Rock Crabs for Balance! event.

Now you need to find the Evil Pig, who can be found by entering a door that is visible now Tomba has the Evil Ghost Pig Bag. The door is found under the lower at near the Trolley Stop entrance in Pipe Area. Enter the door to begin the fight against the Evil Pig.

A tactic is to use the Grapple and pull up Tomba to the roof so the Evil Pig appears right below him, which makes it easy to capture him. After the Evil Pig has been tossed into the Evil Pig Bag thrice, the battle is over and the curse is lifted. Tomba obtains the Evil Ghost Pig Robe as a reward.

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