...All right... You want to face off. We'll face off.. But let me warn you... Water can hurt a lot if shot with enough force... Ready?

—Evil Water Pig

Capture Evil Water Pig! (封印! 「水」の魔ブタ!!, Fuuin! "Mizu" no Ma Buta!!, lit. Seal! "Water" Evil Pig!!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Use the Water Pig Bag to locate and defeat the Evil Water Pig.


The event is activated once the Water Pig Bag is obtained in the Find Another Reflector! event. The gate to the Evil Water Pig is found in the Waterfall of Heavens, next to the ledge with a spike hanging from it. Use the Grapple to easily get in top of the ledge.

Start by equipping the Swimming Pig Suit, as the arena is surrounded by water. A good place to stand on is one of the corners of the arena, as the Evil Water Pig tend to appear close to the ground and the small pedestal can help Tomba jump higher.

The attacks of the Evil Water Pig ranges from shooting water from her staff, to preform a dashing or a spinning attack, to shoot magical projectiles.

After the Evil Water Pig has been caught twice in the Pig Bag, a waterfall will cut the arena in half, making it impossible to reach the other part of the arena without taking damage from the waterfall. After the third time, the battle is over and Tomba receives the Evil Water Pig Robe. The event is cleared.


  • It is possible to step into the waterfall that blocks the other half of the arena by equipping the Golden Powder.