Coal-Mining Town (鉱の町, Tankou no Machi, lit. Coal Mine Town) is an location in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This is the hometown of Tabby, Gran and Mole.

This locations has plenty of events, and gives Tomba a total of 143 000 AP for activating and clearing them all.


The Coal-Mining Town is a town where the most inhabitants are miners working in the mines of Pipe Area.

The only female residents in the town are Tabby and the mother from the Where's My Son? event.

Before the curse has lifted


After the curse has lifted



These events include the events found in Cafeteria and Underground Machine Room.




  • Tomba driving a wheelbarrow in the Bury it in the Sand! event.
  • Tomba, Zippo and Gran is using the Washing Machine in the Underground Machine Room.
  • Tomba inside Tabby's empty house.
  • Map showing the buildings in Coal-Mining Town. The italic labels are the events found in the nameless buildings.