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Cogs are collectible items in the second game. There are totally four cogs that can be found and they are connected to primary events, making it obligatorily to find them in order to progress in the story. Every cog is used at least twice in the game, forcing the player to backtrack to get back every cog for the Tiny Tomba/Mini Tomba event.

List of cogs

Star-Shaped Cog

Wind it Up!

Found on the fish drying net in the Town of the Fishermen. It is used for the Wind it Up! event. In order to obtain it, the fish drying net must be raised using the giant lever beside it.

Hexagon Cog

Raise the Ladder! 2

Found inside an ice block in Kujara Summit. It is used for the Raise the Ladder! event. Use the Fire Hammer Tomba obtained from the Bring the Big Sack! event to melt the ice block.

Triangle Cog

Found in the Circus Village and obtained after the Use the Seesaw! event. It used in order to extend the bridge in the town. Fetch the circus ball, lead it to the seesaw and smash it with the hammer to make it fly up to the second floor. Repeat this on the seesaw there to knock down the bird holding the cog in order to obtain the it.

Round Cog


Found in the beginning of the Water Temple. Used for the Open the Water Gate event.

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