I want to join the circus, but I don't know any tricks, so I sell candy, just to be of some service. Where can I get some of that Ice Candy?

—Ice Candy seller

Collect Ice Candy (アイスキャンディーを集めよう, Aisukyandī o Atsumeru, lit. Collect Popsicles) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Collect 30 pieces of Ice Candy for the Ice Candy seller in the Circus Village.


Note: The Capture Evil Ice Pig! event must be cleared in order to obtain the Evil Ice Pig Robe.

Activate the event by talking to the man inside the Ice Candy shop found directly after the draw bridge on the second floor of the Circus Town.

Go to an area where several enemies can be seen on the screen, like Pipe Area or Ranch Summit, but the Town of the Fishermen is probably the best choice. Equip the Evil Ice Pig Robe and use its magic ([Down] + [Circle]) to turn the enemies on screen into Ice Candy. If the magic gauge is empty, leap on some enemies to gain more magic. If Tomba leaves the area by going into a building, the enemies will reappear when going outside again.

After collecting 30 pieces of Ice Candy, head back to the Ice Candy seller and talk to him to give him the Ice Candy. The event is now cleared.