Cooking with Tomba! (よく焼いてステーキ, Yoku Yaite Sutēki, lit. Well-Cooked Steak) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Cook a Big Piece of Meat using the oven in the Underground Machine Room.


Note: In order to clear the event, the Bury it in the Sand! and The Fuel that Burns Well events must be cleared and the hammer must be obtained.

The event is activated when Tomba obtains a Big Piece of Meat in the Cafeteria. Head outside and climb down the ladder leading to the Underground Machine Room.

Go to the machine next to the washing machine and use the hammer to open the lid of the machine. Open the inventory and select a Big Piece of Meat. After the meat has been cooked inside, Tomba will automatically obtain a Big Steak and the event will be cleared. However, if you haven't completed The Fuel that Burns Well, you will only get an Underdone Meat.

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