Crystal Panel Blocks a Hole! (穴をふさぐクリスタルの板!, Ana o Fusagu Kurisutaru no Ita!, lit. Hole-Closing Crystal Plate!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Create a panel out of crystal to block the hole in the mermaid's water tank.


The event is activated at the same time as the previous event is activated.

Defeat the Large-Pincered Long-Legged Turtle outside the room with the mermaid and collect the crystal it drops. Go back to the beginning of the Water Temple and climb up to the platform above the save point to reach Crystal Artisan's Room. Talk to the man inside to get the crystal turned into a Crystal Panel.

Head back and talk to the mermaid from earlier to block the hole in the water tank. The event is cleared.

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