Device Guards the Treasure! (秘宝を守るカラクリ, Hihou o Mamoru Karakuri, lit. Treasure-Guarding Mechanism) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Solve the puzzle in the Deep Forest to get access to the next area.


In the Deep Forest, jump on any of the seesaws and lower it to trigger the event after a cutscene has played.

In order to solve the puzzle, all seesaws must to be positioned so that the right-hand side is lowered. Once all seesaw are in the correct position, another cutscene will play and the event is solved.

Note that you can still ruin the solution of the puzzle by simply changing the position of any seesaws even if the event is cleared.


  • The spike trap on the seesaws can be deactivated by striking the contraption above the spikes with any of the hammers.