Dwarf Forest (ドワーフの森, Dowāfu no Mori) is the name of the area covering the Forest of 100 Flowers, Wobbly Wharf, Charity Square, Watch Tower and Dwarf Village in the first game. As the name implies, this forest is the home of the dwarves.


The forest contains several locations and dwarves can be found in most of the areas. When walking around, Leaf Butterflies will randomly appear. They are associated to the event with the same name.

Before the curse has lifted

The leaves of the trees consists of spores and the ground is covered with fallen leaves. The top of the cacti on the road to Dwarf Village is covered with the same fuzzy material, preventing Tomba from taking damage.

After the curse has lifted

The fuzzy material has vanished and the spores on the trees are now flowers. The fallen leaves are gone, but that doesn't stop the Koma Pigs from sliding down the hills. The fuzzy material covering the cacti is gone, revealing its spiked top.





  • The restored forest
  • The restored forest