Dwarf Village (ドワーフの集落, Dowāfu no Shuuraku) is a location in Tomba!. As the name implies, the population consists of dwarves. Tomba will learn more about the Evil Pigs from the Dwarf Elder.


A small village, this area has several residents living in the small huts with straw roofing. Wooden fences separate some of the areas, and a fire burns through the wood in the center. A wishing well and wooden bench is located north-east, and a water trough to the north west. East of the village lies the entrance to the Dwarf Elder.

Before the curse has been broken

Just like the rest of the Dwarf Forest, the ground is covered with orange leaves and the trees have fuzzy balls attached to the branches.

After the curse has been broken

The orange leaves are gone and the ground is filled with green grass. The trees have regained their green leaves.