To find an evil pig, you must find an entrance called the Evil Pig Gate. However, the entrance is hidden so that it is difficult to find. Hmmm, this is annoying isn't it? Well, what you need here is the EVIL PIG BAG. What? You say you want to know where it is? That is a secret.

—The PAL manual of the first game

Evil Pig Gates are hidden magical gates that sends Tomba to the Evil Pig that the gate belongs to. They are often found in an area that has been cursed by another Evil Pig. The gate is destroyed once the Evil Pig is defeated. A Evil Pig Bag is needed to make the respective gate visible.


Fire Evil Pig Gate

Inside of the "laughing" door at the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Evil Pig Gate

In the alcove above the entrance inside of the Lava Caves

Earth Evil Pig Gate

The gate to the Earth Evil Pig's Evil Pig Area

Left of the entrance of the Village of Civilization, climb to the top of the tree and jump left

Stormy Evil Pig Gate

On top of The Broken Fountain in the Charity Square.

Water Evil Pig Gate

Partly hidden inside a bell inside the Clock Tower in the Village of Civilization. Jump into the bell to reach it.

Forest Evil Pig Gate

Inside the Million Year Old Man's hut. Jump into the gate to reach it.

Deep Jungle Evil Pig Gate

Behind the left door to the Mansion.

Real Evil Pig Gate

Inside the Strange Small Room in the Underground Maze.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Evil Ghost Pig Gate

Below the lowest pipe next to the entrance to the Trolley Stop in Pipe Area. Having the Flying Squirrel Suit and the Grapple or Doka Pin equipped is recommended.

Evil Earth Pig Gate

Above the seesaws where the two Kokka Birds can be found in Ranch Area. The seesaws are located right above where the man in green from the The Hidden Diary! event took place. Use the pins to the far right to swing Tomba upwards to reach them.

Evil Flame Pig Gate

In the Laughing Crying Forest, jump into the water and swim to the right in order to enter a hidden room where the gate can be found. Equipping the Swimming Pig Suit is necessary.

Evil Ice Pig Gate

Inside the room behind the waterfall found next to the Minitta Machine in the second area of Water Temple. The Minitta Bell can be used to reach the waterfall.

Evil Water Pig Gate

Next to the platform above the two Water Plants in the Waterfall of the Heavens. Use the Grapple or Doka Pin to climb up on the platform.

Last Evil Pig Gate

Inside the ???? room. In order to get to access this gate, The Evil Flame Pig Plate!, The Evil Ice Pig Plate! The Evil Ghost Pig Plate!, The Evil Earth Pig Plate! and The Evil Water Pig Plate! must be cleared.

Sitting Tomba

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