Forgotten Rucksack (忘れられたリュック, Wasurareta Ryukku) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Find the travelers lost rucksack.


This event is activated directly after the previous event has been cleared. The traveler has lost his rucksack.

In order to clear this event, the Holy Tree event must be cleared too, because access to the tree in Ranch Area that is leading up to area above Kujara Ranch is required.

Once you have reached Ranch Area, climb the tree and equip the Flying Squirrel Suit. Use Animal Dash to make a running jump of the edge and tap the jump button to avoid Tomba losing height.

When Tomba reaches the cliff, jump down in the hole there, where you can find the rucksack. Head left to drop down next to the traveler from earlier. Talk to him to clear the event.