Oh, wait! Here, take this. It's the least I can do. Just equip yourself with it and it'll automatically open when you jump. The parasol will slow down the speed that you fall. If you press the [Down] Directional button, you can increase the speed of your descent. If you catch the right wind, you can maneuver yourself to a good spot. Got it? See you later.


Funky Parasol

Charles thanking Tomba for retrieving his extra pair of pants.

Funky Parasol (ウッキーパラソル, Ukkīparasoru, lit. Ukki Parasol) is the name of an item that allows Tomba to float through the air in the first game. It can be obtained in two ways; either by clearing the Charles' Pants event, or by opening the 1,000 year old treasure chest in the Mansion. The Flying Squirrel Suit found in the second game has the same effect.

If the Jewel of Wind is equipped at the same time as the Funky Parasol, it will make it easier to cross areas lacking solid ground, i.e. the Lava Caves.

Sitting Tomba

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