I'm looking for the Getwell Plant to treat my mother's injury. I came from the Coal-Mining Town. I'm in a hurry so please... Hope my mother's all right.

—Boy in Circus Town

Getwell Plant Heals Wounds (ケガに効くナオリ草・・・, Kega ni Kiki Naori Sou..., lit. Effective for Wounds Curative Grass...) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event is related to the Where's My Son? event which takes place in Coal-Mining Town.


Retrieve a Getwell Plant for the child in the Circus Town.


Note: Don't forget to head back to Coal-Mining Town to clear the Where's My Son? event after this event is cleared in order to clear the previous event as well.

In Circus Town, go down the first encountered ladder and go through the door opening. Talk to the person in there to get a Getwell Plant. The event is activated.

Climb back up and talk to the boy standing near the first encountered building of the town in order to give the Getwell Plant to him. He will now go back to his mother in Coal-Mining Town to give her the plant. The event is cleared.