88 Hide and Go Seek (かくれ里のヤン, Kakure Sato no Yan, lit. Yan of the Hidden Village) is an event in Tomba!. This event is mandatory in order to complete the additional events in the second game.


Play hide-and-seek with Yan, who will be hiding in various locations in the game.


This event is activated when the Who are you? event is cleared. Yan wants to play hide-and-seek with Tomba and runs off. Yan can be found in several places in the game.

These are the locations where Yan can be found in this order:

  1. Inside the Leaf Butterfly cage. (Charity Square)
  2. Inside the room with the laughing door. (Phoenix Mountain)
  3. On top of the building found to the left from the entrance to Village of Civilization. Use the long palm tree to get up there. (Masakari Jungle) (May not be needed)
  4. Behind the straw in one of the rooms. Equip and activate the Jewel of Fire to burn away the straw. (Haunted Mansion)

When he has been found at these places, he can be found in his home village; the Hidden Village. Head over there, where he is standing in the far north part of the village. Talk to him to clear the event and get the Golden Bowl, which allows Tomba to have up to sixteen pieces of health instead of just eight pieces.