A Monster Pig caught me in the forest and made me like this. It was fun at first, with no one noticing me. But now, I want to be normal again.

—The invisible traveler

Invisible Traveler (透明な旅人, Toumei no Tabibito, lit. Transparent Traveler) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Turn the invisible traveler found in Circus Village back to normal.


Note: If the fish drying process isn't working for some reason, try to talk to Ark, who can be found in the Small House in the point in Town of the Fishermen and then try again.

In Circus Village, head into the building next to the save point and talk to the traveler. He says that he wants to turn back into normal and asks for some food, since he is hungry. The event is activated.

In order to clear the event, Tomba must give the traveler a Dried Fish Sandwich. It can be made by giving a dried fish to the cook in the Cafeteria of Coal-Mining Town. To obtain a dried fish, Tomba must catch a fish either from one of the small pools of water or from the net bridge in Town of the Fishermen. Then head over to the hanging net beside Kainen's house and raise the net with the crack so Tomba can use the fish on the it. Leave the area and go back to the net to obtain a dried fish.

Head back to the traveler in Circus Village and give him the sandwich. The event is cleared.