Kill the Guards! (番人を倒せ!, Bannin o Taose!, lit. Defeat the Guard!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Defeat the ghost guarding the entrance of Laughing Crying Forest.


The event is activated after clearing the previous event. A ghost will appear in front of the mask blocking the path to the next area. In order to defeat the ghost, Tomba must use his Hammer or Fire Hammer to hit the ghost's tongue three times.

The easiest way to attack the ghost is to let a Ghost Pig catch Tomba and make him invisible. This will prevent the ghost from harming Tomba, but not preventing Tomba from harming the ghost. Otherwise it is possible to stand at the very edge of the same platform as the ghost and keep swinging the hammer as long as the ghost keeps a distance from Tomba.

When the ghost has been defeated, the event is cleared and Tomba will acquire the Donglin Bell.