Kujara's Favorite! (クジャラの好物!, Kujara no Koubutsu, lit. Kujara's Favorite Food) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Fetch the Kujara's favorite food to the two energy-less Kujaras so they can recover.


Next to the man in the event The Hidden Diary! is a pile of snow; attack it to uncover a giant pink peach. It goes skyward out of view.* Walk up to the Lift Stop and talk to the first man you see in there to activate the event.

Then go down to the place where you encountered the Giant Ice Pig in the event Melt the Giant Ice!. Jump on the pole and swing yourself up to two seesaw platforms with two Kokka Birds flying around. Go to the left to find a giant pink peach floating in mid-air.

Now head back to the Lift Stop and talk to the man again to trigger a short cutscene.

*Note that you can go grab the peach directly after uncovering it.

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