Hehehehehe! Ha Ha Ha Ha! HA HAHAHA!! I... I just can't... Ha Ha Ha stop laughing... Hehehehehe! Hu!

—The laughing traveler

Laughing Traveler (笑いの旅人, Warai no Tabibito) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Cure the traveler found in the Laughing Crying Forest of his endless laughing.


In the Laughing Crying Forest, head into the house with a laughing door on it and talk to the traveler inside to activate the event.

Now Tomba must give the traveler a Hash Potato Sandwich to cure his endless laughing. In order to make a Hash Potato Sandwich, head over to Ranch Area and obtain the potato that can be found outside the door leading to the Lift Stop. Drain the potato under the hot water tap in Pipe Area twice before giving it to the cook in the Cafeteria of Coal-Mining Town.

Go back to the traveler and give him the sandwich to clear the event.