For the event with the same name, see Lava Caves (event).

Lava Caves (マグマの洞くつ, Maguma no Doukutsu, lit. Magma Cave) is a location in Tomba!. The Grapple can be found in right outside the entrance to here from the Stormy Mountain. A passage to the Hidden Village can also be found here.

The Fire Evil Pig is responsible for the curse in this area.


The area contains several platforms that starts to rumble and fall down after a couple of seconds. The abyss is filled with magma, so Tomba loses an extra life if he falls down into it.

The hot ceiling deals damage to Tomba during contact.

Before the curse has been broken

Tomba is restricted from going to the Phoenix's Nest as the flames are preventing him from going further.

After the curse has been broken

Tomba is now able to cross over to the phoenix's nest as the flames are gone.




Sitting Tomba

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