The ground past here is like a slide... The locals call it the Leaf Slider. I'm sorry but I can't let you go any further. It's a little dangerous. Crying won't get you anywhere.

—Dwarf Guard in Charity Square

72 Leaf Slider (リーフスライダー, Rīfusuraidā) is an event in Tomba!. After the event is cleared, Tomba have access to the mentioned slider, which lets him travel from the Charity Square to the Mushroom Forest.


Get access to the Leaf Slider found in Charity Square.


Activate the event by talking to the Dwarf guard found far left of the Charity Square. He won't let Tomba pass, because the slider is considered dangerous.

Head over to the Mushroom Forest and jump on a crying mushroom to eat it. After Tomba has eaten the mushroom, or used the Mysterious Mushroom to give him the Crying status ailment, go back and talk to the Dwarf guard of the Leaf Slider to clear the event.