I want to practice a new trick. But, it's too dangerous for one person. [...] I'm going to be practicing on this rope. If I fall, try to catch me on that mat.

Let's Help the Clown! (ピエロを手伝おう!, Piero o Tetsudaou!, lit. Help the Clown!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Help the clown in his performance.


Note: The previous event must be activated in order to activate this event.

Talk to the clown and activate the event. He will ask Tomba to keep the mat below him as he walks the line to break his fall.

Grab the mat and keep it under the clown as he is walking on the line. The spot where he falls is random for every playthrough. The event is cleared once the clown lands on the mat and bounces back up on the line.

Sitting Tomba

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