Let's Make Dried Fish (干したら干し魚, Hoshitara Hoshizakana, lit. Drying Dried Fish) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Make Dried Fish.


To activate the event, read the sign about Dried Fish Sandwiches in the Cafeteria in the Coal-Mining Town. The sign also says that more information about drying fish can be obtained from Ark, the fisherman in Town of the Fishermen.

Then go to Town of the Fishermen and grab some fish from the pools of water. After you have collected a few fish, go to the Fish Drying Net beside Kainen's house and lower the net using the swinging pole. Get close to the net, open your inventory in the Adventure Journal, and select up to four fish. Raise the net.

Now you want to leave the area and come back. (Hint: By using Baron to fly to the Town of the Fisherman while you're already in the town is an effective way to do it). Now the fish have been dried and can be collected. When you have collected one dried fish, the event will be cleared.


  • Tomba using the swinging pole to raise the Fish Drying Net.

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