What do you think? Is this a great pot or what?

—The owner of the pot

Let's Make a Pot! (名人のツボ, Meijin no Tsubo, lit. Master's Pot) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. In order to progress in this event, three other events must be cleared. As a reward for clearing this long event, Tomba obtains half of the Courage Spell needed to enter the Tower of Courage.


Replace the pot Tomba accidentally broke.


Enter the house on the far left side of Coal-Mining Town from the entrance to Pipe Area and a cutscene will play, involving a miner admiring his beloved pot. He suddenly realizes that he is late for work and heads outside.

In order to progress in the event, Tomba must examine the pot twice to break it. The miner conveniently hears the sound and comes back, only to see his beloved pot shattered into pieces. He forgives Tomba and asks him to pick up the pieces.

Head outside and go to the closest building, Tool Shed, and talk to the blond man who is the very same person who made that pot, and is willing to make a new one.

For now, the Lost Clay Spatula! and Get Clay from the Mud events must be cleared before this event can be cleared. After they have been cleared, head back to the miner and give him the pot to clear the event.


  • The house of the man with the pot.
  • Map showing the location of the event.