Lift the Lid on the Well! (井戸のフタを開けろ!, Ido no Futa o Agero!, lit. Raise the Well Lid!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Use the paon to remove the lid on the well in Circus Village in order to break the statue which is blocking the way to the Water Temple.


In order to active the event, Tomba must talk to the pig at the very end of the Pig Tribe's Hall and a cutscene will initiate. The pig will give Tomba Paon Grass, which will make the paon in the Circus Warehouse follow him. When the cutscene is over, head down to the Circus Warehouse and talk to the pig next to the closet where the Pig Suit was found to open the cage and let the paon out.

The paon will now follow Tomba, since he has Paon Grass with him. The trick to make the paon follow Tomba without losing the Paon Grass, by getting too close to the paon, is to walk whenever the paon walks to be at a safe distance. If Tomba would happen to be too far away from the paon, it will stop and wait for Tomba to come closer. Walk towards the well at the other end of the town and the event will be cleared once the short cutscene which is triggered when Tomba and the paon reaches the well.