For the event with the same name in the first game, see Lost and Found (Tomba!).

Lost and Found (誰かの落とし物, Dareka no Otoshimono, lit. Someone's Lost Property) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Find the Golden Fishhook for the fisherman at the Waterfall of the Heavens.


In order to reveal the hidden fishhook, all of the seesaw barrels in the Town of the Fishermen and the Waterfall of the Heavens must be turned with the same color upwards, however, the chosen color is not important.

After that has been done, a short cutscene will play, where Zippo is flying away to see the water being drained in the water channels. Go to the first encountered water channel to find a Golden Fishhook lying there. Go down to the fisherman on the other side of the area to give it back.

If you haven't completed the previous event, The Stuck Fishhook Line, you can leap on the cork which is stuck on the roof at the small building after the first water channel to be transported to the fisherman.