Melt the Giant Ice! (巨大な氷を溶かせ!, Kyodai na Koori o Tokase!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Get rid of the large ice block that is blocking the way up to the Lift Stop.


Note the previous event needs to be cleared in order to complete the event.

When walking up to the Lift Stop, you'll notice a large ice block is blocking the way. Koma, the girl next to the ice block, says that it's possible to melt it with a Fire Hammer.

Go down one level and enter the chimney to the right and talk to the man in red, which turns out to be none other than Santa Claus. He claims to have lost his sack and Zippo offers him and Tomba to go look for it.

When the sack has been returned, Santa will give Tomba the Fire Hammer. Now go back up to the ice block and swing the Fire Hammer at the ice block. When you hit the ice block with the Fire Hammer, the block transforms into a Giant Ice Pig.

Keep swinging the Fire Hammer at the Giant Ice Pig to defeat it. Climb the ladder and fight another Giant Ice Pig. After the two has been defeated, you are now allowed to go to the Lift Stop. The event is cleared.


  • Tomba and Zippo are talking to Santa Claus in the event Bring the Big Sack!
  • Tomba melting the Giant Ice Pig with the Fire Hammer.
  • Tomba encountering a second Giant Ice Pig.