I desperately hope that someday, all seven Evil Pigs will be sealed away forever...

—Million Year Old Man

55 Million Year Old Wish (億年老人の願い, Okunen Roujin no Negai, lit. Hundred Million Year Old Man's Wish) is an event in Tomba!.


Catch all Evil Pigs except of The Real Evil Pig.


Talk to the Million Year Old Man to activate this event after the Unbreakable Wire event has been completed.

In order to clear this event, Tomba must obtain every Evil Pig Bags and find the respective Evil Pig Gates.

List of Evil Pig Bags and Evil Pig Gates

  • Pink Pig Bag: Behind the Big Keyhole Door on the North Side of Haunted Mansion.
  • Pink Pig Gate: At the top left-hand corner of the Lava Caves.
  • Navy Pig Bag: In a 10,000 year-old chest on the Old Tree Hill.
  • Navy Pig Gate: In the dining room behind the left door at Familiar Mansion.