NO TRESPASSING. Danger! There are monsters living in this forest. Do not enter.
Baccus Village Nature Management

—Sign in the forest

Mushroom Forest (キノコの森, Kinoko no Mori) is a location in Tomba!. The area contains mushroom that gives Tomba the status ailments laughing and crying depending on which mushroom he eats. The flowers will also rise and fall when a mushroom is picked, causing platforms to rise and fall with them. This area is not affected by any spells from the Evil Pigs.

A location with the same concept is the Laughing Crying Forest in the second game, where the mushrooms are replaced with colored fruits.



The area consists of many floating platforms where mushrooms grow. These mushrooms can change Tomba's behavior depending on which mushroom he eats. Due to the lack of ground, it is easy to miss a platform and fall into the abyss below.


Two flying Bonsugees can be found here. They are related to the Monster Hunt event, where these two must be defeated in order to clear it.





  • Tomba standing below a yellow giant flower in the The World's Greatest Smile! event.
  • Tomba laughing for the dwarf guard in The World's Greatest Smile! event.

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