For the location, see Tower of Strength.

Mythical Tower of Strength (伝説の力の塔, Densetsu no Chikara no Tou, lit. Legendary Tower of Power) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Reveal the door to the Tower of Strength and enter it.


Note: The Who's the Liar? or/and Closed Clamshell event must be cleared before this event can be activated.

In Ranch Area, use the poles to swing you way up to the two seesaw platforms in the upper-left area of the map, where the Kokka Birds resides. Head left till you see a another platform leading to a wall. Stand next to the wall and use either the Strength spell 1/2 or the Strength spell.

  • If you used the Strength spell 1/2, the event is activated and a door will be revealed, but it is locked. If you have cleared the Who's the Liar? event, go and clear the Closed Clamshell event; or if you have cleared the Closed Clamshell event, go and clear the Who's the Liar? event in order to make progress in the event.
  • If you used the Strength spell, the event is activated and a door will be revealed, that is unlocked.

When the door is unlocked, enter the Tower of Strength to clear the event.

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