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Nishiki Bird Servants (ニシキ鳥の世話係, Nishiki Tori no Sewagakari, lit. Nishiki Bird's Caretaker) is an event in the second game. This event is directly related to the two Nishiki Birds found in Town of the Fishermen and will unlock the additional events when it is cleared.


Find the new servant of the Mini Temple.


This event is activated once Tomba has talked to the mouse found inside the Mini Temple. The objective is to locate the new servant of the template which is decided by the colors of the two Nishiki Birds from the With the Nishiki Bird event in Town of the Fishermen.

The new servant of the Mini Temple is decided by the colors of the Nishiki Birds. Once the servant has been located, the event is finished when Tomba returns to the Mini Temple and talks to the mouse again.

Servant locations

  • Whities: Only chosen if one Nishiki Bird is red and the other one is blue. The door to his residence is found at the very end of the Deep Forest (above the door leading to Circus Village).
  • Bluies: Only chosen if both Nishiki Birds are blue. The door to his place is located on the way leading up to the temple in the west part of Circus Village.
  • Redies: Only chosen if both Nishiki Birds are red. The door to his house can be found below the door to the Lift Stop in Ranch Area.

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