I know that eating the Pink Fruit can bring you back to normal... And because the Normal Fruit never runs out when you're walking, you can always get back to normal.

—Resident of the Laughing Crying Forest

Normal Fruit (まともな実, Matomo na Mi, lit. Honest Fruit) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Find the fruit that cancels the status ailments laughing and crying.


Note: The Sink the White Platform! event must be cleared in order to clear this event, because you'll need the White Key to open the white treasure chest.

Talk to the man to the right inside the house with the first encountered crying door in the Laughing Crying Forest to activate the event.

Grab a red fruit to change Tomba's status ailment to laughing and head to the entrance of Trolley Stop, where a laughing door can be found. Enter it and open the white treasure chest to collect the Normal Fruit and clear the event.

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