Some nasty little creature got me all covered with oil! But I've heard some sort of food that can get this oil off.


Oil-Smeared Traveler (アブラまみれの旅人, Abura Mamire no Tabibito) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This is the second event involving a traveler in need of help. Like the previous traveler, he will tell Tomba about one of the Mysterious Towers.


Help the traveler to get rid of the oil in the Operations Room in Ranch Summit.


In Kujara Summit, go in through the first doorway you find behind a couple ice blocks that can be melted with the Fire Hammer. When you are inside, go and talk to the man in to the far right of the room. He tells Tomba that he has been oil-smeared by one of the enemies in the area and have heard about some kind of food that can remove oil.

Now you need to make a Steak Sandwich in the Cafeteria in Coal-Mining Town. When you are in the cafeteria, pick up at least one of the pieces of meat and bring it to the machine in the middle in Underground Machine Room to cook it. Go back up to the cafeteria and give the cooked piece of meat to the chef. Now you will have a Steak Sandwich. Bring it to the traveler in order to clear the event.