The Old Men of Time (also known as The Old Wise Men) are supporting characters in the first game. They help Tomba in his quest to find his grandfather's gold bracelet. But in order to help Tomba, Tomba must help them first. There are a total of four Old Men of Time.

100 Year Old Wise Man

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100 Year Old Wise Man (Sprite)

The 100 Year Old Wise Man is the first Old Man of Time. You meet him in his hut above the Forest of All Beginnings. He gives you the 100 Year Old Key which you can use to get the 100 Year Old Bell from the 100 Year Old Chest. To get the 100 Year Old Key you must complete the Inside the Kokka Eggs event.

1,000 Year Old Man

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The 1,000 Year Old Man lives in the Haunted Mansion. If Tomba frees him from his inferno prison in the Break the Magic Egg! event, he will give Tomba the 1,000 Year Old Key to open the 1,000 Year Old Chests. Also, this allows you to obtain the 1,000 Year Old Bell. In order to free him, the magic egg in the room with the small keyhole must be broken.

10,000 Year Old Man

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The Ten-Thousand Year Old Man can be found near the very beginning of the game, where the guy says at the the Ol' Pond that Tomba cannot cross because he cannot swim. After have been learned to swim by Charles the monkey in the Masakari Jungle, head back to the Ol' Pond. Cross the pond and go through the door. The 10,000 year old man is in the house in the middle of the lake. Just jump down the chimney to enter his house.

Million Year Old Man

Main article: Million Year Old Man
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The Million Year Old Man's Room

The million Year Old Man can be found near the strange small room, in the Underground Maze.

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